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The Look!

We have all went right into a home or office and cringed once we gazed straight down! Do not enable your carpets and rugs embarrass you. In case a realtor inspected your home, precisely what could he say regarding your own floors? Loved ones, friends, and also YOU must feel at ease when you stand, sit down, or perhaps take it sleep on your carpet! A substantial portion of any first impression of your home is based on the appearance (as well as scent!) of your own carpet.

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Guard Your Health!

The research from the Environmental Protection Agency shows the air in your dwellings is actually much more poisonous compared to outside oxygen! Dust mites, pet allergens, molds, as well as pollen pretty much all give rise to allergies and asthma! Sadly, some (if not all) of such irritating pollutants are located in your carpeting. You can’t hardly see them but they are there. The particular EPA claims that temperatures ought to arrive at one hundred thirty degrees in order to wipe out dust mites. Our own truck-mounted ultra heated up cleaning technique brings water to more than 220 degrees Farenheit-killing dust mites along with pet pollen!

Renew Carpet Care

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know about Renew Carpet Care, your quality carpet solution in the Bethel Park Area. We all look forward to aiding your carpets feel and look brand new once again!

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Services include: Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Pet Stain Removal

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Guard Your Investment!

Evaluate the investment you’ve made once you purchased carpets and rugs for the dwelling. If you are like the majority of folks, you are looking at getting the maximum use for your investment. As an alternative of looking to switch outdated, dirty carpet-renew it! You may not vigilantly vacuum your own carpet weekly. (Even a carpet that looks clean should be vacuumed to rid what lies beneath.)